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Integrating Quotes/peer reviews
MLA Day/last peer review
Troubleshooting/Final work day
Research Paper due
Continue real world reading
Miscellaneous day
Happy Spring Break!
Vocab/Brain Candy article
Vocab/Brain Food Qs review
Focus: Author's purpose
Vocab workshop/Stephen King essay
Vocab Quiz/King essay work
Thursday 1/31/2019
Research topic exploration day

After reviewing the various requirements and components of the research project, students were given an exploratory worksheet and had about 30 minutes to complete some early web-searching for their possible choice of topic. I will collect this worksheet about 15 minutes into class tomorrow. For 6th hour, I collected the annotated Greed article and questions

Friday 2/1/2019
Begin research

I reviewed the requirements for keeping index cards of each researched source. Absent students see me for an explanation about this. Students were given 5 index cards and continued exploring/researching. At the end of class I collected the Research Topic Exploration Guide - anyone who was absent today (Friday) should turn this into the black basket if they haven't already. 

Monday 2/4/2019
Website evaluation practice

Today I had students explore a website with me using the Website Evaluation Critera Checklist practice sheet in their research assignment packet. We used the website and picked one of the stories on the site as well as the site overall to gauge the credibility of the information and site itself. this was a practice activity that has points attached to it on their due dates/scores page. Absent students should make arrangements to see me at lunch block A so I can take them through the process. Additionally, I showed them how to access databases for research by going here: They will be required to have at least one source from a database. After that, they had about 15-25 mins for research.

Tuesday 2/5/2019
Research Day

I distrbuted a daily Progress Record that students will have to complete each day with their activities that day and a plan for the next day of research - it's on the front table. I will check them Tuesday for 3rd and 6th hours. The day was spent doing research. Absent students will need to make up this time outside of class.

Wednesday 2/6/2019
A couple research links

For those researching the Juul Company:

And for, of all things, cockfighting:

Wednesday 2/6/2019
Research Day
Thursday 2/7/2019
Last research day/check note-cards

This was the last class day for students to do research. Any information they are still missing should be addressed outside of class. I signed off on students having their first three source note-cards, collected their checklist, and entered grades. On Monday, I will check for two more note-cards. 

Friday 2/8/2019
In-service/CTE Day - no school
Monday 2/11/2019
Bibliographic notecards/thesis work

Students completed M.U.G. #14 while I went around and signed off on their last two of five required bibliographic notecards. I gave them a packet that they will use to craft the focus and organization of their essay. In class they had about 20 minutes to brainstorm their paper's central idea, the main ideas they'll be incorporating in the paper, the most important thing someone should know about their topic, and one try at writing a thesis statement that they'll use in their paper. This is due, completed, tomorrow. 

Tuesday 2/12/2019
Thesis work, pt 2/Intro

Students got into groups with similar research topics and shared ideas for their essay and worked together to strengthen the thesis statements and brainstorm ideas about how to craft an introductory paragraph. They have a fully-developed intro paragraph due at the beginning of class tomorrow.  25 points. 

Wednesday 2/13/2019
Intro due/organizing info

I checked off students' completed introductions and gave them a template to use for organizing the way they want to present their evidence to support their thesis. This organizing essay activity is due, completed, tomorrow. 

Thursday 2/14/2019
Essay organizing/Intro-Body 1 due

Due today: students were assigned as homework to organize their "chunks" of research info into outline format - the order in which they will write them. In class today most of them hadn't completed this, so they spent a great deal of time on it instead of typing and submitting their Intro and 1st body paragraph (our work for today and Friday). I told them I'd take off 10 pts if I received them the same day, and that they'd be 50% off if I get them Tuesday. 

Friday 2/15/2019
Essay organizing/Intro-Body 1 due

Due today: students were assigned as homework to organize their "chunks" of research info into outline format - the order in which they will write them. In class today most of them hadn't completed this, so they spent a great deal of time on it instead of typing and submitting their Intro and 1st body paragraph (our work for today and Friday). I told them I'd take off 10 pts if I received them the same day, and that they'd be 50% off if I get them Tuesday.

Monday 2/18/2019
Tuesday 2/19/2019
Integrating Sources/writing day

I conducted a mini-lesson on the why and how to integrate quotes in an essay, which was accompanied by guided note-taking (front desk - 1/2 sheet of paper). You can find the "Integrating Quotes" slideshow in Eng 11 class resources, and the other handouts on the front desk. After that, I returned students' intro + 1st body paragraphs and students had the rest of the period to work on their essays. 

Wednesday 2/20/2019
Essay writing work day
Thursday 2/21/2019
Friday 2/22/2019

No weekend homework - we'll pick up where we left off Wednesday

Monday 2/25/2019
Work Day

Since we unexpectedly had Thur-Fri off due to snow, students have today and tomorrow to finish their first draft. 

Tuesday 2/26/2019
Last work day
Wednesday 2/27/2019
D1 due/Peer reviews

The first draft of the research paper is due today and students began peer reviewing with partners. 

Thursday 2/28/2019
Peer Reviewing today
Friday 3/1/2019
Integrating Quotes/peer reviews

After a mini-lesson and practice integrating quotes naturally within a writer's own work (see packet in Eng 11 class resources), students had the rest of the period (about 25 mins) to finish their peer reviews.

Monday 3/4/2019
MLA Day/last peer review

Students received multiple handouts to guide them through the revising and formatting of their final draft of the research paper: cover page and Works Cited, list of transitional words/phrases, and a self-evaluation checklist that they will turn in with their final draft. They should have spent the 30 mins left in class finishing their peer reviews and completing an exit ticket (see Eng 11 bellwork and writing responses). THE FINAL ESSAY IS DUE WITH ALL THE REQUIRED ELEMENTS WEDNESDAY AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS

Tuesday 3/5/2019
Troubleshooting/Final work day

I showed the students once more how to insert page numbers and format their Works Cited page, and they had the rest of the period to work on whatever they need to in order to be ready to turn their essay and all its required components TOMORROW

Wednesday 3/6/2019
Research Paper due

Students turned in their final draft of the research paper with the required additional elements and we started a mini-unit on real-world reading and comprehension. They started with an article called "Brain Candy" and only had between 10-20 mins to read and annotate, depending on the period. No homework - we'll continue this activity tomorrow. 

Thursday 3/7/2019
Continue real world reading

Students turned in their unused hall passes for extra credit and then spent the rest of the period reading/annotating/answering Qs about the article they started yesterday. We'll finish up with this tomorrow.

Friday 3/8/2019
Miscellaneous day

There were a lot of students missing today, and several who needed to work on missing assignments, so I allowed them to use this as a catch-up day. Happy Spring Break to all - no homework assigned!

Monday 3/11/2019
Happy Spring Break!
Monday 3/18/2019
Vocab/Brain Candy article

After MUG #16, I gave students the words for vocab lesson 7 (if absent, ask a classmate to copy). Students had the rest of the period to complete reading, annotating, and answering all but #7 of the Qs for the article "Brain Candy," DUE TOMORROW. 


Tuesday 3/19/2019
Vocab/Brain Food Qs review

After reviewing the definitions and sample sentences for vocab lesson 7, students wrote their own original sentences. I checked off their completed responses for the "Brain Candy" article and we began discussing them. Most classes got through at least three. We'll continue discussing them tomorrow. HOMEWORK: Complete Qs 2, 4, and 6 for the Author's Purpose activity (find in Eng 11 class resources). We will be using this to finish our discussion of the "Brain Candy" article. 

Wednesday 3/20/2019
Focus: Author's purpose

Students worked in groups to share what they learned about the author's purpose for the "Brain Candy" article. We'll finish up this article tomorrow and move on. 

Thursday 3/21/2019
Vocab workshop/Stephen King essay

In periods 2 and 3 the students and I workshopped their sentences for vocab lesson 7. Quiz tomorrow for them. We are behind in 6th hour, so we will get to this tomorrow with their quiz on Monday. I distributed hall passes and explained passing period lockdown procedures to them for an upcoming drill. Finally, I handed out the essay "Not So Scary, After All" by Stephen King, reading Qs, and an article summary worksheet. For each class students were assigned to read and annotate (MARGIN NOTES!!) this essay for tomorrow. That is all, just read and annotate. 

Friday 3/22/2019
Vocab Quiz/King essay work

2nd and 3rd hour had their vocab test on lesson 7 today. For 6th hour we workshopped the words and their quiz will be Monday. In all classes I collected and recorded the scores for the annotations students made on the essay "Not So Scary, After All" by Stephen King, and then students had about 25 minutes to work on the Article Summary Worksheet, due Monday.