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Thursday 8/1/2019
Welcome! First Day of School

We spent the day sharing ideas and opinions about a variety of issues as a teambuilding activity, Students were given folders to decorate tonight to facilitate peer introductions tomorrow. No other work assigned. It was a great first day! smiley

Friday 8/2/2019

After pairing up with a classmate and interviewing each other, students introduced their partners to the class. No homework. Have a great weekend!

Monday 8/5/2019
Writing Sample

I assigned a writing activity to get an idea of where my students writing skills are. They had time in class today to brainstorm, plan, and begin writing the essay. I will collect the essay and the prewriting at the BEGINNING OF CLASS TOMORROW. If you are absent today, you can find the assignment in Honors 10 class resources - look for "Writing Sample 2019-20."

Tuesday 8/6/2019
Course Outlines Home
Tuesday 8/6/2019
Writing Samples due/Pre-test

Students stapled the planning page to their essays and turned them into the correct class folder. I distributed and reviewed the Course Outlines with students and they are due back, all three areas signed, by Friday. Finally, we began our pre-test which we'll continue until Thursday. The I Am, I Think, I Believe activity is due at the beginning of class Thursday

Wednesday 8/7/2019
Continue pre-test

I am collecting the signed course outline forms starting today. Students were asked to bring a reading book to class tomorrow for when they finish their pre-test and we're waiting for everyone to be done. The I Am, I Think, I Believe activity is due at the beginning of class tomorrow - typed according to the instructions on the assignment sheet. 

Thursday 8/8/2019
Finish Pre-test

We took the whole class period, so the I Think, I Am, I Believe activity will be shared and turned in tomorrow. 

Friday 8/9/2019
Course Outlines due back, signed

Grades were updated after school today to reflect the 30 points these signed documents were worth. Please check Family Link. 

Friday 8/9/2019
Share/turn in I Am, I Think, I Believe

What a glorious day hearing from all our classmates! No homework - have a great weekend!

Monday 8/12/2019
Vocab/Begin exploration of culture

Today was Vocab Monday and students are on lesson #9. Absent students can get the words and definitions from a classmate. Students completed and turned in a Quickwrite (see Make-up bok), and then worked in groups to compose a class definition of culture. I distributed a worksheet on "Contemplating Culture" and they had some time to work on it with partners in class. We'll continue tomorrow. No homework.

Tuesday 8/13/2019
Vocab/contemplating culture

After I reviewed the definitions and shared sample sentences for vocab lesson 9 words, students wrote their own original sentences. Students continued to work on the handout on culture, this time with an assignment to 1) make two statements about who they are in the context of friendship or family, their city, state, country, or our world, and 2) three statements about these various circles (or cultures) influence their lifestyles or their selves. This is due tomorrow for 20 pts. 

Wednesday 8/14/2019
Lit Elements pre-assessment

I collected students' "Circles of Influence" statements and then we briefly discussed what makes a story work. We'll come back to this throughout the year with our class readings and students' own independent reading. I distributed a literary features pre-assessment to get a sense of what terms and concepts I'll need to focus on once we jump into literature. A few students didn't finish and will need to complete the assessment during AOT Block A.  

Thursday 8/15/2019
Vocab/Language of Culture

After workshopping students' original sentences for vocab lesson 9, they began small group work investigating key vocabulary terms for our unit on culture and storytelling. We'll finish this tomorrow after the vocab test.

Friday 8/16/2019
Vocab Test/Language of Culture

After the vocab test students had the rest of the period to complete their Language of Culture activity. No homework. 

Monday 8/19/2019
Vocab/Language of Culture

Students got their school pictures taken - absent students will have a make-up day later. They wrote the words and definitions for vocab lesson 10, and then we began the last part of the Language of Culture activity - identifying the pictorial depictions of the key vocab for this unit. No assigned homework. 

Tuesday 8/20/2019
Vocab/Diversity & Culture

After students wrote original sentences for vocab lesson 10, they got into groups and explained to the class (or on paper in 5th) their drawings of the key terms for the language of culture. We spent the rest of class writing about (5th hour) and discussing the benefits and drawbacks of the diverse culture of the U.S.