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Tuesday 5/1/2018
Themes in Romeo and Juliet

Students did a get-up and walk around activity today thinking about some of the themes we'll come across in Romeo and Juliet. We began a discussion and will finish tomorrow. 

Wednesday 5/2/2018
The Prologue

After students turned in their annotated poems, they worked with partners to "translate" the prologue to Romeo and Juliet, line by line, and answer Qs 2-6 (on the back). I went over the general gist of each line and their homework was to answer the additional questions I handed out which we will use as the basis for our lesson tomorrow. I told them they will be memorizing and reciting the prologue, so we did a choral reading once. More to come.

Thursday 5/3/2018
The Prologue, cont.

Groups shared their responses to the prologue Qs from last night. We practiced reciting the prologue (students' memorized recitations are Tuesday, May 8th). And I distributed a packet on Shakespearean language, the Globe Theater, and the Elizabethan era - they are to annotate this over the weekend and will have an open-note quiz on it Monday

Monday 5/7/2018
Start Lit Circles Group Project

I distributed and explained the Romeo and Juliet Project that has two components: 1) four Literature Circle mtgs where students will have read a section of their Act and bring completed activities to the group, and 2) the requirements for their final project presentation. You can find the materials for this, along with a calendar of due dates, in Honors 9 class resources. At the end of the class, students began an open-note quiz on the informational packet on Shakespeare and his language (handed out Thursday). I collected them at the end of the period and they will have 20 minutes in class tomorrow. to finish. 

Tuesday 5/8/2018
Begin Lit Circle reading/work

After finishing the open-note quiz, students had most of the period to read scenes 1 and 2 of their assigned act and work on their "job" for tomorrow's Literature Circle. I suggested the use "No Fear Shakespeare" - a feature of SparkNotes - to help them understand any tricky language in their scenes. Whatever wasn't finished in class is homework. All Lit Circle work must be completed prior to class (with the exception of the Character Watcher - to be completed in the group discussion).

Wednesday 5/9/2018
Literature Circle 1

Scenes 1 and 2. After students completed their respective activities, they completed a self- and group evaluation to be turned in. Next Lit Circle is Friday, scene 3. 

Thursday 5/10/2018
Comparing various versions of R&J films

We looked at two film adaptations of Romeo and Juliet: one set in medieval Italy (accurate as the setting of the play), and one set in 1990's America. Students discussed which one felt more dramatic, more authentic, and then which one they preferred. Lit Circle 2 tomorrow on scene 3.

Friday 5/11/2018
Lit Circle 2

Scene 3. After they finished their lit circles and turned in their self/group evaluations, the groups began working on various components of their final presentations. 

Monday 5/14/2018
Watch film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

We watched the Baz Lurhman/Leonardo DiCaprio adaptation and got about 55 minutes into the movie.

Tuesday 5/15/2018
Lit Circle 3

Scene 4. Act 5 will have an additional activity (there are only three scenes in this act). After their lit circle they had time to work on the final presentations for their Act - Tues-Thur next week

Wednesday 5/16/2018
Watch film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

We'll have about 25 minutes left of the movie to watch after today. 

Thursday 5/17/2018
Lit Circle 4

Scene 5 for Acts 1, 3, 4. Act 2 will have scenes 5 and 6, and act 5 will have another additional activity. Students turned in their final self/group reflections and their lit circle packets. After that, they worked on their group presentations for each act - presentations will begin with Act I on TUESDAY.

Friday 5/18/2018
Finish movie/group work

After we finished watching the film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, the students had about 20 minutes to meet in groups and work in their Romeo and Juliet presentations - starting on Tuesday. They turned in specific lists of their planned weekend work for their presentations. 

Monday 5/21/2018
Longitudinal Post-test