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Poem Recitation tips/Ch 11
Finish ch 11/Part 1
One Pager work day
Poems from Memory Recitations
Short Day!
Poems from Memory Recitations
One Pager & Dialectical Journals
Poems from Memory Recitations
Dialectical Journal practice
Happy Spring Break!
Quiz/chs 12-16
Chs 13-16
Begin reading ch 17
Continue reading: chs 17-18
Dialectical Journals due/chs 18-19
Thursday 1/31/2019
Last presentations/Intro to Mockingbird

4th hour finished its last two presentations and 5th their last one. In both classes we watched a short video that introduces the background of To Kill a Mockingbird, and tomorrow we'll start reading the story. Students who knew they were going to be absent tomorrow picked up guidelines for keeping notes for the first 4 chapters and will check this web page over the weekend to keep up with the reading. 

Friday 2/1/2019
Start To Kill a Mockingbird!

Students received handouts today on how to keep track of the basic elements of exposition: the characters, setting, and situation of a story, as well as how to keep a vocab log. All of these items can be found in Honors 9 class resources. Look for Mockingbird exposition activities, Mockingbird characterization, and Mockingbird Vocabulary log. We started reading today and finished at the middle of pg 7. For the weekend homework: 1) annotate the handout on setting. I'll check this for points on Monday, 2) add information on Calpurnia to the characterization notes, setting details to the setting notes, and add vocab words as needed to the vocab log.  

Monday 2/4/2019
Finish reading ch 1 and adding notes

I reviewed what we already included on the c-notes for characterization and setting, as well as two words for the vocabulary log before finishing reading ch 1. They should add to all their notes tonight. We'll share and compare notes tomorrow and keep reading. 

Tuesday 2/5/2019
Ch 1 Quiz/check c-notes and vocab

I gave the students an open-note pop quiz on ch 1, which will need to be made up by absent students by Thursday at the latest. We reviewed again the various requirements for reading chs 1-7 or 8, the exposition of the novel: c-notes on setting and characterization; focused notes on situation, and 5 vocab words for each chapter that include the word, definition, and the sentence from the book. We will start reading ch 2 tomorrow.

Wednesday 2/6/2019
Ch 2 - add to exposition notes

I read all of Ch 2 aloud in class today and gave students some time at the end of class to add to their notes: for characters, we added Miss Caroline and put down Scout and Jem's names. This is a good place to start getting some indirect characterization down, esp. for Scout. For situation, we added what happens in ch 2, Scout's first day of school. For each chapter students should be writing down 5 vocab words, define them, and write the sentence from the book. We didn't really do anything with setting today. 

Thursday 2/7/2019
Ch 3 - add to character/situation/vocab notes

I read ch 3 aloud and introduced two new characters: Walter Cunningham and the Ewell family - both are characterized in ch 3. Students had about 10 minutes at the end of class to add to their notes. Homework: Read ch 4 and add to notes. On Monday there will be a quiz on chs 1-4. 

Friday 2/8/2019
In-service/CTE Day - no school
Monday 2/11/2019
Quiz on chs 1-4

I gave students an open-note quiz on the first four chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird. HOMEWORK: Read ch 5 and continue to add to your characterization (get down information on Miss Maudie in particular), situation, and vocab notes. 

Tuesday 2/12/2019
Quiz chs 1-4, Take 2

Many students were a bit brief on the information they included on yesterday's quiz, so they had a chance to retake it, only working as a small group this time. Several students who advocated for themselves were spared a second try, as their first attempt yesterday was wonderful, excellent work that met all my expectations. We ran out of time today, so will finish up tomorrow. No more vocab words required in notes after ch 5

Wednesday 2/13/2019
Finish group quiz, chs 1-4

Students had the short period today to complete the individual-turned-group quiz for chs 1-4. No homework. 

Thursday 2/14/2019
PFM annotating practice/ch 5

I reviewed the requirements of how to annotate a poem for the Poem from Memory activity - students' first annotated poem for this activity is due next Wednesday. Anyone who's been absent or still has questions on my expectations should see me before Wednesday during AOT Block A. In Honors 9 class resources I have my own highlighted copy of the Poem From Memory annotation guidelines and a partially annotated poem which I showed the students as a model in class today. The last 25 mins of class were spent answering Qs about ch 5 and Miss Maudie specifically. THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK - we'll finish it in class Tuesday. Students turned in their vocab words for each chapter.  The weekend homework is to read chs 6-7 and continue the situation notes. 

Friday 2/15/2019
PFM annotating practice/ch 5

I reviewed the requirements of how to annotate a poem for the Poem from Memory activity - students' first annotated poem for this activity is due next Wednesday. Anyone who's been absent or still has questions on my expectations should see me before Wednesday during AOT Block A. In Honors 9 class resources I have my own highlighted copy of the Poem From Memory annotation guidelines and a partially annotated poem which I showed the students as a model in class today. The last 25 mins of class were spent answering Qs about ch 5 and Miss Maudie specifically. THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK - we'll finish it in class Tuesday. The weekend homework is to read chs 6-7 and continue the situation notes. 

Monday 2/18/2019
Tuesday 2/19/2019
Ch 5 Qs/group work

Today we returned to M.U.G. shots with #14 (next page in make-up book). Students finished answering questions about ch 5 (specifically Miss Maudie) and a character that stood out to them (Qs on front table or in Honors 9 class resources). They then got into groups, shared their ideas, and crafted two open-ended Qs on chs 6 and 7. Tomorrow we'll start there and then read ch 8. I collected student's setting notes

Wednesday 2/20/2019
Annotations due/Miss Maudie

Students turned in their annotated poems for the Poem From Memory activity. We briefly discussed Miss Maudie, and students were assigned to read ch 8 for homework. 

Thursday 2/21/2019
Friday 2/22/2019

No weekend homework - we'll pick up where we left off Wednesday

Monday 2/25/2019
Exploring the N-word

We finished talking about Miss Maudie in both classes, and then students turned in their response to the question about a character that stands out to them (part of the Qs from chs 1-5).The students read and annotated an article on the complexity of using/the history of the N-word. Tonight I assigned 4th hour to read ch 9 and answer the Qs, 5th hour needed to finish ch 8 (I believe - I'll adjust this tomorrow if both classes went home to read ch 8). Poem annotations will be returned to students tomorrow - visual interpretations are due WEDNESDAY. Students who need help should make sure to come and see me Tuesday during AOT Block A. 

Tuesday 2/26/2019
Annotations back/TKAM chs 8-10

I returned the students' annotated poems for the Poem From Memory project and students had some time to work with their peers on feedback about what they could do to improve their annotations. In both classes, students either read or worked to answer or share their responses to the reading Qs for ch 9 - due for all students tomorrow. 

Wednesday 2/27/2019
Chapter 10

After sharing and turning in their visual interpretations, we read most of ch 10 aloud in class. Students need to just finish reading the chapter tonight - we'll work on the reading Qs tomorrow. 

Wednesday 2/27/2019
Visual Interpretations due
Thursday 2/28/2019
Ch 10

After completing a writing response on courage (see Honors 9 bellwork and writing responses), students had time to work with a partner on the four reading Qs from ch 10. We had a general discussion about the events and themes that have emerged in Part 1. No homework tonight, we'll read ch 11 in class tomorrow. 

Friday 3/1/2019
Poem Recitation tips/Ch 11

I distributed a handout and showed these two videos - and to the students to help them prepare for their oral interpretations next week. You can find the tip-sheet in Honors 9 class resources. We read most of ch 11 in class, but as it introduces the third important theme in the novel, we'll finish reading it as a class Monday. No homework!

Monday 3/4/2019
Finish ch 11/Part 1

After we finished reading ch 11, students had an exit ticket prompt (see Honors 9 bellwork and writing responses), and I assigned the One Pager activity. Students will have all of class tomorrow to work on this and it's due Wednesday, FINISHED, at the beginning of class. 

Tuesday 3/5/2019
One Pager work day

I explained at length and answered many questions about how to make the One Pager for Part 1 of the novel and students industriously worked on them for the whole class period. They are due at the beginning of class tomorrow. Homework: read ch 12. Due tomorrow or Thursday: Characterization notes. 

Wednesday 3/6/2019
Poems from Memory Recitations
Wednesday 3/6/2019
Short Day!

Once the students prepped and then recited their poems, we had very little class-time left today, so they will share and turn in their One Pagers tomorrow along with the character notes for Part 1. They were assigned to read ch 12 last night, so if they haven't done that, they should do it tonight.  

Thursday 3/7/2019
One Pager & Dialectical Journals

After the oral interpretations, students shared their One Pagers and turned them in. They also turned in their characterization notes and unused hall passes for extra credit. I reviewed the guidelines and directions for making a dialectical journal for chs 12-17, which we will begin working on tomorrow. Tonight their only homework is to read ch 13

Thursday 3/7/2019
Poems from Memory Recitations
Friday 3/8/2019
Dialectical Journal practice

After the last of the oral interpretations, we started a dialectical journal entry together. From ch 12, I chose the scene with Lula, Cal, Jem and Scout at Cal's church, pg 158 in the book. We reviewed the grading rubric and the options for responses, and students should be clear about the fact that they are to include two passages with responses per chapter. Over the past two nights they were assigned to read chs 12-13, so they will need to complete the journal entries for these, and then I assigned chs 14-16 to read over break. On their return to class Monday the 18th, I will collect their dialectical journals for chs 12-16

Friday 3/8/2019
Poems from Memory Recitations
Monday 3/11/2019
Happy Spring Break!
Monday 3/18/2019
Quiz/chs 12-16

After MUG #16, students took a quiz on chs 12-16 and attached TWO CHAPTERS (four quotes) of their dialectical journal to the quiz. The rest of the period was spent in groups sharing impressions of each assigned chapter, and then we began talking about them as a whole class. We'll finish tomorrow - no homework assigned tonight. 

Tuesday 3/19/2019
Chs 13-16

We finished our discussion of chs 13-16 and that was as far as we got. We'll start reading ch 17 in class tomorrow. No homework. 

Wednesday 3/20/2019
Begin reading ch 17

We read to the part where Scout describes the living conditions of both the Ewells and the Negro settlement. We had a short chat about the author's use of diction to reveal important traits about Bob Ewell and Tom Robinson. 

Thursday 3/21/2019
Continue reading: chs 17-18

We focused on reading today, finishing ch 17, and getting partway through 18 (pg 248 4th hour, and 249 5th hour). Homework: finish the last dialectical journal entry for ch 17 - all are due tomorrow (except the two they already turned in). 

Friday 3/22/2019
Dialectical Journals due/chs 18-19

Students turned in all remaining dialectical journal entries for chs 12-17 and we read to pg 264 in ch 19 today, discussing key elements of the trial as we went along. No homework.