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Tuesday 4/23/2019
Chapter 27

We read ch 27 in class today. Students' homework is to complete their annotating for the poem from memory - due tomorrow. They will have time in class tomorrow to work on the activities for chs 26-27. 

Wednesday 4/24/2019
Chs 26-27

In our short period today students worked on the focused notetaking activities for chs 26-27. These are DUE TOMORROW, so will need to be completed for HOMEWORK as needed. 

Wednesday 4/24/2019
Poem Annotations Due
Thursday 4/25/2019
Wrap up chs 26-27

Students worked in groups to agree on which characters have changed in the course of the novel so far, and three examples of real-world/historical/familiar/social connections between the storylines in the novel and the "real" world.

Friday 4/26/2019
Chs 28-29

In class today we read chs 28-29. We all agreed we want to finish the book together Monday, so there's no homework. smiley

Monday 4/29/2019
Finish Mockingbird

We read the end of the novel and students had about 20 minutes in class to write an end-of-story response about Boo Radley and Scout (see Honors 9 class resources). Due tomorrow.

Tuesday 4/30/2019
Mockingbird Test Prep

We played a couple rounds of Jeopardy today to help students with the characters, plot, themes, and symbols in To Kill a Mockingbird before their final exam tomorrow. 

Wednesday 5/1/2019
Mockingbird Final Exam

While the visual interpretations were due today, we only had enough time for the exam. We'll share the interps tomorrow. Students turned in their end-of-story writing response.

Wednesday 5/1/2019
Visual Interpretations due
Thursday 5/2/2019
Begin watching To Kill a Mockingbird

We also shared the visual interpretations from yesterday. The viewing guide for the movie is in Honors 9 class resources. We got about 43 minutes into the film today. 

Monday 5/6/2019
Visual Interps/continue Mockingbird

We continued watching the film, and students also had some time to share and make sure their visual interpretations were turned in. In the film, we got to about 1 hour, 9 minutes.

Tuesday 5/7/2019
Continue watching Mockingbird

And I gave most students the Multi-Genre Project assignment so they could start thinking about what they want to do for this final class project. 

Wednesday 5/8/2019
Finish watching Mockingbird

And I moved the oral interpretations to next week so we could properly wrap up Mockingbird and jump into our last activity, the Multi-Genre Project. 

Thursday 5/9/2019
Start Multi-Genre Project (MGP)

Several students shared their responses to the final writing prompts on To Kill a Mockingbird, and then they turned them in. I reviewed the basic information about this project by explaining the information on the cover page of the MGP, and students had a chance to look at several student examples. Tonight they should be thinking about what topic interests them most. Tomorrow they will begin the inquiry and research process. A copy of the assignment is in Honors 9 class resources, and it is here where they will find the live links that are printed in their project packets

Friday 5/10/2019
MGP Proposal work

After directing students to "The Process" part of their MGP packet, I emphasized what's required for their proposal. They had the whole period to work on the proposal today and it is DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS MONDAY. 

Monday 5/13/2019
Proposals due/research day

Students' MGP Proposals were due today for 25 pts. They had the period to research their topics and really dig into the information they will be using for their projects. 

Tuesday 5/14/2019
Research Day

Students had the class period to research their MGP topics. 

Wednesday 5/15/2019
Wednesday 5/15/2019
Research Day
Thursday 5/16/2019
Thursday 5/16/2019
Work Day

After looking at the requirements for and examples of the MGP introduction/preface and end notes, students continued to work on their projects. 

Friday 5/17/2019
MGP Work Day

Students should have a rough draft of their slideshow ready for Monday. I distributed a checklist and a grading rubric to guide students' work today and over the weekend. 

Friday 5/17/2019
Monday 5/20/2019
Work Day/Self-assessment

I distributed a self-assessment form to each group today as they look at what should be close to their final product for the MGP presentation. I also announced which groups will be presenting tomorrow - the rest will present on finals day. 

Tuesday 5/21/2019
Start MGP presentations

We'll finish these on finals day. 

Wednesday 5/22/2019
Finals periods 1, 3, 5
Thursday 5/23/2019
Finals periods 2, 4, 6
Friday 5/24/2019