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Wednesday 7/31/2019
Welcome Freshmen!
Thursday 8/1/2019
First Day of School

We spent the day sharing information about each other - Buddy Bingo-style - as a teambuilding activity, Students were given folders to decorate tonight to facilitate peer introductions tomorrow. No other work assigned. It was a great first day! smiley

Friday 8/2/2019

After pairing up with a classmate and interviewing each other, students introduced their partners to the class. No homework. Have a great weekend!

Monday 8/5/2019
Writing Sample

I assigned a writing activity to get an idea of where my students writing skills are. They had time in class today to brainstorm, plan, and begin writing the essay. I will collect the essay and the prewriting at THE BEGINNING OF CLASS TOMORROW. If you are absent today, you can find the assignment in Honors 9 class resources - look for "Writing Sample 2019-20."

Tuesday 8/6/2019
Course Outlines Home
Tuesday 8/6/2019
Writing Samples due/Pre-test

Students stapled the planning page to their essays and turned them into the correct class folder. I distributed and reviewed the Course Outlines with students and they are due back, all three areas signed, by Friday. Finally, we began our pre-test which we'll continue until Thursday.

Wednesday 8/7/2019
Continue pre-test

I am collecting the signed course outline forms starting today. Students were asked to bring a reading book to class tomorrow for when they finish their pre-test and we're waiting for everyone to be done.

Thursday 8/8/2019
Finish Pre-test

It took the rest of the period for all students to complete the pre-test, so we'll begin our new unit tomorrow. 

Friday 8/9/2019
Begin "I Am From" mini-unit

We began this small unit by annotating in pairs and as a class the poem "Where I'm From." (You can find the poem in Honors 9 class resources). Weekend "homework" was to look at the prewriting chart on pg 5 of the packet I distributed today and start thinking about the kinds of things you can use for crafting your own poem. No official work assigned. **6th hour didn't finish the annotating process, we'll do that on our return Monday. 

Friday 8/9/2019
Course Outlines due back, signed

Grades were updated after school today to reflect the 30 points these signed documents were worth. Please check Family Link. 

Monday 8/12/2019
Vocab/I Am From prewriting

Today is Vocab Monday. Students are on lesson #1, and if absent today, they can get the words and definitions from a classmate tomorrow. I showed them my brainstorming for my own "I Am From" poem and they had about 20-25 minutes in class to complete the brainstorming chart in their packet or on a graphic organizer of their own. DUE TOMORROW for 20 points

Tuesday 8/13/2019
Vocab/start drafting "I Am From"

After I reviewed the definitions and shared sample sentences for vocab lesson 9 words, students wrote their own original sentences. I checked that they completed their prewriting chart (20 pts), and they then had the rest of the period to begin writing their "I Am From" poem. 

Wednesday 8/14/2019
Work Day

After reminding students of the importance of using vivid word choice when writing (see slideshow in Honors 9 class resources), students had the rest of class to finish their first draft of the "I Am From" poem - DUE TOMORROW!   NOTE: I distributed the order forms for school pictures which will take place during this class next Monday, Aug 19th. Additionally, I gave students a handout of required materials for their class binder. I will do a binder check on Monday for 20 pts. Students who may not have the resources for everything on the list may see me and I will make arrangements for them. :)

Thursday 8/15/2019
Vocab/D1 due-peer reviews

After workshopping students' original sentences for the words from vocab lesson 1, I reviewed the grading rubric in the project packet so students could use that as part of their revising focus. They had the rest of the period to swap drafts and complete peer reviews. Homework: study for tomorrow's vocab test!

Friday 8/16/2019
Vocab Test/Work Day

After students completed their vocab test, they spent the rest of the period working on their poems: peer-reviewing, revising, and typing according to MLA format. (They were given MLA formatting handouts and I briefly reviewed the basic guidelines with them.) These are due with the peer reviews and rubric at the beginning of class Monday.  

Monday 8/19/2019
Vocab/I Am From due

Students got their school pictures taken - absent students will have a make-up day later. They wrote the words and definitions for vocab lesson 2, and then they prepped and turned in their "I Am From" poems. No assigned homework. 

Tuesday 8/20/2019
Vocab/I Am From sharing

After writing original sentences for vocab lesson 2, students got into multiple groups and read their peers' "I Am From" poems. No assigned homework.