Assigned: Monday 4/9
Due: Monday 4/9
Exit ticket

Please write a response in full sentences to the following: 1) Define or explain what you think the phrase "American Dream" means, and 2) Give three examples of what this might look like.

Assigned: Thursday 2/1
Due: Thursday 2/1
I Hear America Singing reading response

“I Hear America Singing” Reading Response  1) In “I Hear America Singing,” Walt Whitman celebrates the American enterprise (the work of Americans), in all its forms, through the varied “carols” or “songs” of men and women who take pride in their occupations.  His focus is primarily on the manual laborers, as I referenced yesterday. Why do you think a poet who celebrates America would focus on work “songs”?   2) What jobs would we celebrate or “sing” about today? Give three examples and explain why we admire and celebrate the people who do these jobs.   3) Write down what you think the theme of this poem – what is Whitman saying about the American people?


Assigned: Tuesday 1/23
Due: Wednesday 1/24
"Self-Reliance" Reading Response

Reading Response Questions for “Self-Reliance”

1. In your own words, what is Emerson saying overall in the excerpt of his essay?

2. Write down 3-4 lines or phrases from the essay excerpt that you agree or disagree with. Then, write your reaction to those lines/phrases – what do you think about what he’s saying?

3.. What are the advantages and disadvantages to conforming to society’s expectations?

Also, be prepared to talk about the ways in which you conform or don’t conform to the expectations of those around you.

Assigned: Wednesday 10/4
Due: Wednesday 10/4
Quickwrite/Exit Ticket Act 3

Minimum 150 wordsWhen President G.W. Bush launched the U.S.’s attack on Iraq after Sept 11th, he drew a line in the sand for those opposing the military action, telling Americans “You’re either with us or against us.” In Act 3 of The Crucible, Judge Danforth, in response to a perceived attack on the court proceedings states “a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it. There be no road between.” What is your reaction to this sort of black and white thinking? In what way might there be more gray area with these kinds of issues?

Assigned: Friday 8/25
Due: Friday 8/25

BACKGROUND: The United States is a land of immigrants. The first people began entering North America on foot many thousands of years ago. Then people came in wooden sailing ships. And soon more and more came.   Imagine now that as part of the earliest immigrants, you have lived on your land for centuries. On the day that the people arrived in their ships, you were curious, but also somewhat alarmed and on alert. However, they seemed to be friendly and offered you gifts. Soon they asked to trade items with you and you felt good about the developing relationships, although you remained wary. Eventually, though, things took a turn for the worse and your people were attacked, abducted, killed at the hands of these newcomers – both in provoked and unprovoked situations.  PROMPT: Write a diary entry of no less than 75 words about how it would feel to be at the mercy of people who are not of your own community – foreigners, “aliens,” immigrants. You no longer feel safe in a place where you always felt safe. What would you say about this?


Assigned: Tuesday 8/8
Due: Tuesday 8/8
Bellwork - I Believe

You will complete this on your own binder paper. Assignment: 1.) For each of the statements below, decide if you agree or disagree with the statement. Write down your position with a few notes as to why you believe as you do (no more than a sentence or two). 2.) Choose ONE of the topics and write a developed paragraph (7-10 sentences) explaining in detail why you believe as you do. I expect this paragraph to follow the conventions of good writing: an introduction, a clear statement of position with carefully selected details to support the reasons, concluding thoughts and attention to conventions and grammar. The copy you turn in should be neat and clean. I Believe Statements: 1Anyone can become successful in the U.S. by working hard. 2. Everyone should have the right of free speech – even organized hate groups. 3. I feel comfortable when people speak in foreign languages around me, even if I don’t understand what they are saying. 4. American students should be required to learn to fluently speak two languages.