Assigned: Tuesday 3/26
Due: Wednesday 3/27
Response to Atticus's closing speech

After finishing Atticus's closing speech, please write about the following: 1) Your reaction - what did you like about it? What, in your opinion, made it a strong speech? and 2) What 3 parts of his speech were the most compelling for you? What two things were most effective at convincing the jury? 

Assigned: Monday 3/4
Due: Monday 3/4
Atticus, Mrs. Dubose and Courage

In a paragraph, explain why you think Atticus wants Jem and Scout to know, at this part of the story, what "real courage" looks like.

Assigned: Thursday 2/28
Due: Thursday 2/28
Courage Writing Response

1) Using whole sentences, write down your own, personal definition of courage, and 2) Give TWO examples of what this looks like - what does one see when they see courage as defined by you?